Savings to fit your life.

Let's figure out which savings account fits you and your life.

Activate AutoSave on your checking account to simplify how you save and watch it add up over time.

Auto Save

A great savings account for students or first-time savers - avoid a monthly service charge with a balance ....

ECO Savings

Have your cake and eat it, too: premium interest rates with enhanced access to your funds. Avoid a monthly charges...

Platinum Money Market

Secure your savings with a risk-free investment option. Have peace of mind knowing that your funds are earning...

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Get the most out of your savings balance of $25,000 or more with competitive, tiered interest. Maintain access..

Titanium Money Market

Go big, save big. Boost your balance and earn more on balances of $50,000 and up. Access your money always...

Chrome Money Market

No Hidden Fees. Free ATM Access Nationwide. Great Local Service.

Checkings without strings.


Our marvellous team

We challenge the status quo. We take risks. We think entrepreneurially.

Agnese brent

HEAD- Customer Service Unit.

Richard Walsh

Account and payroll advisor.

Lisa ortiz

HEAD- Business Loan and strategy Unit.

Scott flores

HEAD- IT Security and infrastructure Unit.

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A share of commercial/business cases that we process yearly

The number of returning customers, over the period of last 10 years

A percentage of individual cases that we take yearly, on average.


Customers feedback

Our customers are always eager to praise our Services.



Chime is still run today by the entrepreneurs who founded it, and is proud to work with Michelle Becker and Profit Builders Inc. “Chime has been a fantastic bank and partner to work with in representing our clients needs, as well as supporting our needs and what we do for the client.”

Liza Brentford


They’ve been so willing, early on, to grow with us, listen to us and provide us with amazing advice and banking that has been pivotal to our growth. We’ve gone from non-existent, to the second largest firm in our market and a top ten firm in our state.”

Leslie gross


“When you have a company that's grown rapidly like ours, it's good to have a bank who can grow along with it.”

Kimberly Barker


“Banking is still all about relationships. That's why we choose to bank local ... with a bank who can rally behind us. We've found that in CHIME.”


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